Recipe: Black-bone chicken soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Black-bone chicken soup


Black-bone chicken has always been considered as a nourishing top grade, with the effect of nourishing yin and clearing heat, nourishing liver and kidney, spleen and diarrhea.



  1. Wash the black-bone chicken, cut into large pieces, put in boiling water, simmer the water, remove the blood, remove the black-bone chicken, drain and drain

  2. Wash the dried mushrooms, soak them in hot water, and use the water to soak the mushrooms.

  3. If you have Cordyceps, use a soft brush to gently clean the texture under running water.

  4. Put the black-bone chicken in the casserole into the casserole, and then add the onion, ginger, red dates, shiitake mushrooms, longan meat, candied dates, medlar, and Cordyceps sinensis. Finally, pour in the appropriate amount of cooking wine and shampoo water. After boiling, change to low heat for 2 hours, and finally add salt before the soup.


1. The raw chicken must be cleaned, and the chicken after drowning should be rinsed under running water to ensure the quality of the chicken soup. 2. It is best to lick chicken soup, or never to open the lid, the aroma of a pot of chicken soup is easy to disperse. 3. If the chicken soup is simmered in a large pot, simply add salt to the soup, and do not add in the pot, so the remaining chicken soup will not produce too much nitrous acid.

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