Recipe: Black bean soy milk + black bean dregs cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Black bean soy milk + black bean dregs cake


During the day, nutritional supplements for breakfast are more important than other times. Therefore, it is better to eat less and not to eat. The convenient and nutritious breakfast is the most popular among lazy people. The soy milk + bean cake described below is one of the recipes that are both nutritious and time-saving. Learn it, at least a few breakfasts are not hungry.



  1. Soak black beans for more than 4 hours or one night

  2. Add the amount of water required by the soymilk

  3. Start soymilk

  4. 20 minutes or so, soy milk is good

  5. Filtered soy milk

  6. Filtered bean dregs

  7. Sausage and chives chopped

  8. Mix the materials needed for the bean cake

  9. Add bean dregs and mix well

  10. Mini pan oil

  11. Put a proper amount of mixed bean dregs into the pan and flatten

  12. Slowly fry the two sides and make it golden yellow.

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