Recipe: Black bean soy milk

Home Cooking Recipe: Black bean soy milk


Soymilk is a good friend of women. Because it is rich in estrogen, it can regulate female endocrine. Black beans make kidney deficiency and prevent hair loss.



  1. Black beans and soybeans were washed one night in advance and then rinsed with water.

  2. The two beans are washed again and then placed in a soymilk machine and added to boiling water.

  3. Choose the 'Pure Soy Milk' function and start playing.

  4. After the program is stopped, filter the residue with a sieve and add an appropriate amount of white sugar.


1, soy milk can not be matched with eggs. The mucus protein in eggs is easy to combine with trypsin in soybean milk, affecting nutrient absorption; 2, can not add brown sugar in soy milk, also destroy nutrition; 3. Freshly squeezed soy milk should be consumed within 3-4 hours.

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