Recipe: Black bean ribs soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Black bean ribs soup


Hair is a manifestation of a person's physical condition, but this problem is often neglected by the parents of a child who is developing in adolescence. I always feel that how small is the hair may be bad. In fact, the current young boy is not uncommon. The main reason is: the influence of elder inheritance Two: too much pressure or mental instability Three: shampoo long-term washing is not clean will cause the hair to degenerate early and white Four: The child is too picky, causing lack of protein, vitamin B group, copper, iron, iodine, zinc and producing white hair Therefore, in order to have healthy and healthy hair all the time, parents must pay attention to the above reasons in daily life, and the children's diet should also be reasonably matched, especially in the key developmental stage of adolescence, to lay the best for the child. The foundation of life. Special reminder: Do not pull out the white hair by hand, it may be more and more Ingredients for preventing white hair during puberty: black beans, black dates, black sesame seeds, black fungus, mushrooms, mulberries, Longan, spinach, leeks, black-bone chicken, walnut



  1. Put the ribs together with the cold water and boil over the fire.

  2. After the pot is still a big fire, easy to clean the floating foam

  3. Then ribs and soup together into the electromagnetic purple sand 煲 4. Add black beans, Wuhuo Fort 5-6 hours, and finally add salt to taste

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