Recipe: Black bean pigtail soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Black bean pigtail soup


There are always a few white hairs on the top of the head that are stubborn. It’s really "the wildfire is not burning, and the spring breeze is born again." Black beans make up the kidneys, which is also good for the hair. Eating more is good for the body. The pig's tail can replenish collagen but is not as fatty as trotters. Therefore, the soups stewed from these two kinds of ingredients are not only greasy, but also because of the relationship with the red dates, it is very sweet and refreshing.



  1. Black beans are soaked in advance and washed.

  2. The red dates are removed and the ginger is cut into thin slices for use.

  3. Pig tail to the hair into a small section, cool the underwater pot to boil the pig's tail, remove the floating blood water and wash it.

  4. Take a casserole and put all the prepared ingredients into it. Drip two drops of cooking wine. After the fire is boiled, turn to low heat for two hours and then add salt.


1. Black beans are best to be soaked in advance one day, so that the stewed beans will be soft and rotten. Of course, if you use a pressure cooker, you can ignore this step. 2. Red dates to the core, ginger slices can be removed from the heat of these two ingredients. 3. Pig tail hair removal can first put the pig's tail on the fire and then use a knife to scrape the burnt hair and then wash it. This is the old method of teaching at home.

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