Recipe: Black bean licorice beef tendon soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Black bean licorice beef tendon soup


Dedicated to all the little friends who like me to eat beef tendons, there is another new way to eat. Beef tendons are good things, low fat and smooth are full of collagen. In order to eat the taste of the entrance, I used a slow cooker for a night, and I really slid it into the entrance, so I could make it up. . . I think black beans and licorice are very good, and the black broth looks very special. I also added scallops, which is really sweet.



  1. After buying the beef tendon, wash off the excess fat and wash it off. Wash the scallops and soak the water. Black beans and licorice are washed with water.

  2. Slowly cook the beef tendon, black beans and licorice and smashed ginger and simmer for 5 hours until the tendon is soft, then add the water to the scallops and scallops, add salt, and let the fire boil for about half an hour.

  3. If you want to add a bite to the pot, add a little.

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