Recipe: Black bean black sesame black rice paste

Home Cooking Recipe: Black bean black sesame black rice paste


Black nourishing kidney. Black food has a good tonic effect on the kidneys. This rice paste is very suitable for people with kidney qi deficiency. At the same time, this rice paste is rich in vitamin E, linoleic acid, sesame phenol and other nutrients. Regular consumption can nourish hair follicle cells and make hair black and shiny. Nutritious rice paste, bring you vitality every day~!



  1. Wash and soak. The ingredients to be polished are washed twice with water. Grains and beans need to be fully soaked before grinding, making them easier to break, boil, and more easily released, which is beneficial to the body. At the same time, the rice paste made after fully immersing is also more delicate.

  2. Add water and press the button. Pour the ingredients into the soymilk and add the right amount of water. In general, it is more suitable to add 100 grams of food to 1200 ml of water. After adding water, cover the soymilk machine and press the “rice paste” button.

  3. Pour out and season. After the soymilk machine prompts the rice paste to be done, the rice paste is usually produced in about 20 minutes. The rice paste can be baked and the sugar can be transferred according to personal taste.


It is recommended to bring your own: white sugar and honey can be added as appropriate, and we also send it in our small shop. Experienced friends can purchase materials by themselves, and there should be a single item in the vegetable market, pharmacy, and online. Students who want to be lazy do not need to worry, my small shop has a good rice paste packet. Dear, our small store is officially launched at the beginning of the year, so stay tuned~~~

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