Recipe: Black and white sesame hurricane

Home Cooking Recipe: Black and white sesame hurricane


Dawang's traditional Hong Kong-style sesame paste ( [Heavy →] hand-made black sesame water [← focus on the completion], simple and mellow, nourishing nutrition. Occasionally bite the whole grain of roasted white sesame seeds, surprises have sisters! So if you have the glutinous paste of Dawang, why not try this sesame hurricane~ If you are too lazy to buy sesame sauce... (Fangzi tried it a few times before putting it up, how much sesame water is left in my end... ...) Of course, if the sister has sesame water, you can also try to dilute the sesame paste that is not sweet at your hand, um... (please don't believe me ←_←) I like (zhi) Huan (you) 6 inch round mold fried ! You sprout 17cm hollow to blow up! Tips to summon you below!



  1. The oven preheats the 170-degree protein egg yolks, and each of them is placed in an oil-free and water-free eggbeater.

  2. Roasted white sesame seeds 10g and 1g low-gluten flour are mixed with a small spoon, so that each sesame is wrapped with a layer of flour (basically not sinking), spare

  3. Add 10g vanilla sugar, 18g vegetable oil, 60g sesame water to the egg yolk (slightly stir and then add it), a small amount of salt, stir each time until fully blended into low-gluten flour, irregularly stirred until no Powder Status - Egg Yolk Paste OVER-

  4. Use an electric egg beater to harden the protein and add 35g white sugar-protein cream OVER- three times.

  5. Take 1/3 of the meringue to the egg yolk paste, mix well, then pour it back into the remaining meringue, mix it again and pour it into the floured white sesame seeds and mix evenly.

  6. Pour the batter into the mold, gently shake to eliminate large bubbles, then use a toothpick to remove a few small bubbles, into the oven, 165 degrees and 35 minutes


1. Sugar and oil can no longer be reduced, I have already lost to the end 2. Sesame water! Sesame water! Sesame water! 3. Sesame water may precipitate and stir evenly. It contains glutinous rice, so it will be a bit sorrowful when you start to mix it. Don't be afraid, please hold the scraper, quickly and calmly dip the bottom, and mix it evenly in a while~4. The sesame seeds are wrapped in flour beforehand to help them evenly. Distributed in various places of batter, not sinking bottom 5. Cover of the cream reference: 200ml, 18g fine sugar 6. Oh, the winter comrades in the South will stir the egg yolk paste will also feel the heart, just sit under a pot of warm water. !

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