Recipe: Black and white chocolate two-tone mousse

Home Cooking Recipe: Black and white chocolate two-tone mousse


Pure self-use, 8-inch round non-stick cake mold



  1. Oreo pieces, crushed into powder with a rolling pin (to remove the sandwich with biscuits), add butter, microwave for a few tens of seconds, let the butter melt and mix well.

  2. Place a round piece of oil on the bottom of the mold, pour it into Oreo, crush it with a small spoon, and put it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

  3. Black Mousse: Geely tablets are soaked in cool water, spare

  4. Add cocoa bitter block, milk, fresh cream 1, white sugar, heated by water or small heat, don't boil, stir with chopsticks, know that the solution is completely uniform, no cocoa particles.

  5. Add a soft gelatin tablet to the cocoa solution, stir until completely melted, and add rum and vanilla extract.

  6. Fresh cream 2, add 20 grams of powdered sugar, big hair to about 70%, there is a slight sense of fluidity, do not hit the hardest

  7. Pour the cocoa solution into the cream 3 times and mix well.

  8. After all the adjustment, pour into the Oreo mold, puncture the big bubbles, wipe the flat, and put it in the refrigerator for more than 2 hours.

  9. White Mousse: As with Black Mousse, all materials are doubled. White chocolate is thinner than the black solution, and finally poured into the top of the black layer, it will be easy to level, put it in the refrigerator to level it. Refrigerate for 1 night.

  10. After doing this, take out the mold, wrap the mold around with the hot towel, rub it, repeat it two or three times, it will be easy to demould, just take it.

  11. Finally, the cocoa powder is sieved, evenly spread on it, and it is finished.

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