Recipe: Black and white chocolate mousse

Home Cooking Recipe: Black and white chocolate mousse


I love chocolate too much, and I can't forget the taste of mousse lubrication, so let them have a good relationship. Can you miss this wonderful combination of chocolate?



  1. The hurricane cut two pieces, one of which was cut off a circle smaller than the other. Put the big one in the mold and spare it.

  2. Soft gelatinized tablets, white chocolate in milk, heated to melt, let cool.

  3. Put the white sugar into the cream and send it to the cream. (It can be a little thicker and it will be fine, because it will be diluted after a while.)

  4. Add the cooled milk to the whipped cream, and continue to use the eggbeater for about 30 seconds to complete the fusion.

  5. Pour half of the mixed whipped cream into the prepared 1 and put in a small piece of cake. Pour the remaining whipped cream into the smoothing and let it cool for 4 hours.

  6. After cooling, Mousse removes the film, the surface is sifted with chocolate powder, and the edges are over!


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