Recipe: Bitter sauerkraut vermicelli soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Bitter sauerkraut vermicelli soup


One night, staying up late, I ate a bitter bamboo sauerkraut soup outside. There is still a bit of bitterness in the slightly sour soup, which is very appetizing. After returning home, I was impressed with a bitter bamboo shoots. The taste is refreshing and greasy, it is suitable for spring festival and summer season.



  1. Pork slices, fat and thin apart. Lean meat with salt, chicken, pepper, sugar, soy flour code sizing. Fat meat spare.

  2. Pickles take two leaves, tear into strips, and cut into sections. The bitter bamboo shoots are sectioned. Ginger slices, garlic chopped.

  3. The pot is hot, and the fat is sliced ​​with oyster sauce. After the oil is released, the ginger, garlic and sauerkraut are stir-fried.

  4. Add the water to the sauerkraut and add the pepper and salt. Put the fans and lean slices after the pot.

  5. After the fans are cooked, add the bitter bamboo shoots. Cook for a minute and add MSG.

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