Recipe: Bitter melon ribs soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Bitter melon ribs soup


The current price is really expensive. It costs 38 yuan to buy a rib. This ribs has a soup and burned a small row of honey. When I handed the money to the boss, I obviously felt my hand shaking. Bitter gourd is very bitter. After a while, the water is still very bitter. Although I know that the heat of the day should eat more bitter gourd, I still can't accept this bitter taste. Every time I drink soup and eat meat, I lose bitter gourd. Waste, it will definitely be bad.



  1. Pork ribs

  2. Because I was afraid of suffering, I took the bitter gourd again in the water.

  3. Throw the bitter gourd and ribs in the casserole, and boil the fire for five minutes. If you like the soup, you must cover the lid for five minutes. If you like the list, you should open the lid for five minutes. ) turn to a small fire, season with salt and salt when cooked.

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