Recipe: Bitter melon purple potato ring

Home Cooking Recipe: Bitter melon purple potato ring


I really can't compliment my appearance, my first job in the kitchen, and the flowers are celebrated! (*^__^*)



  1. Peel the purple potato and steam it in a microwave or pressure cooker.

  2. Steamed purple sweet potato mashed into mud and added honey. According to the individual, the taste is sweet and light.

  3. Bitter gourd goes to 2, hollowed out. Cook in boiling water.rWhen you are cooked, put it in cold water, so you can keep the green color.

  4. Put the purple potato mud into the bitter gourd that is hollowed out and fill it up.rCut into pieces and plate. Get it done


This bitter gourd is really bitter, I have added a lot of honey or cover it. . . Later, eating and eating, there is a bitter melon ring O (∩_∩) O haha~

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