Recipe: Bitter Melon Fried Shrimp

Home Cooking Recipe: Bitter Melon Fried Shrimp


Since entering the winter, the dishes that I made myself are still the dishes of others. Most of them are soups and porridge. The dishes are the leeks with various meats. Eat more fish and meat, it is better to change the taste, may wish to eat bitter dishes. In people's minds, bitter gourd is a kind of vegetable suitable for summer eating. It is a natural beauty agent that promotes skin metabolism and makes skin smooth, elastic and elastic. And bitter gourd also has the effect of losing weight. But in bitter gourd, it is rich in nutrients and various trace elements, among which vitamin C The content is more than twice that of citrus. Regular consumption can enhance the body's immunity. Bitter melon and bitterness in bitter gourd can increase appetite and spleen appetite; the alkaloids contained in quinine, diuretic and blood circulation, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic The effect of clearing the heart and clearing the eye; in the winter of this flu this year, you may wish to eat bitter gourd to improve our immunity and achieve the purpose of preventing influenza.



  1. Wash the bitter gourd, separate the middle with a knife, take out the seeds and sputum, slice the scalpel, simmer in the boiling water pot, and use cold water for later use. Onion ginger, minced garlic, sliced ​​garlic

  2. Shrimp head to head, shell, take out the kernel, pick out the shrimp line. Clean, drain, and spare

  3. Put the oil in the wok. After the oil is hot, add the shrimp and stir-fry until it is discolored.

  4. Pour in oil, put onion, ginger, garlic, saute, pour the bitter gourd slices, put the oil, add salt, stir fry a few

  5. Then pour the shrimp and stir fry evenly.


Bitter melon can be simmered in water, and the taste is crisp.

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