Recipe: Bitter gourd scrambled eggs

Home Cooking Recipe: Bitter gourd scrambled eggs



  1. Wash the bitter gourd and cut it with a knife from the middle

  2. Use a spoon to dig the enamel and white film

  3. Cut into thin slices and salt them

  4. Eggs into the bowl, add a little white wine, stir up

  5. Put the wok on the fire, put in the oil, heat it to 50% heat, pour the egg liquid along the contact surface of the oil and the pot, quickly stir fry the egg until cooked, fry the egg and smash it with the shovel.

  6. Put a little oil in the pan, pour the bitter gourd, stir fry, add the egg, salt, stir fry over the fire.


Three strokes teach you to stir up the bitter green bitter gourd? 1. Wash the bitter gourd, slice it, and kill it with salt. 2, fried bitter gourd, put the oil into the heat, first put the bitter gourd, stir fry with oil, and then put other vegetables, meat, eggs. 3, the fire is fast. Master the three points of the bitter gourd that you fried out.

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