Recipe: Bitter gourd scrambled eggs

Home Cooking Recipe: Bitter gourd scrambled eggs


In other words, the two eggs met a lovely bitter gourd, so they made this delicious dish together with this bitter gourd.



  1. Bitter melons are split, washed and sliced, and boiled in boiling water until they are broken. Remove and cool with cold water, drain the water

  2. The eggs are broken up, and the hot pot is oiled. After the oil is hot, pour the eggs and quickly use the chopsticks to disperse the eggs. Wait until the egg flower is formed

  3. Put the oil in the hot pot, stir fry into the minced garlic, pour the bitter gourd into the drained water, add the salt, pour the fried egg flower, add the chicken essence and season the plate.


1. When the bitter gourd is drowning, drop two drops of oil into the water, so that the bitter gourd that comes out will not turn yellow and yellow, and the color is very beautiful. 2. In addition, it is better to pinch the water twice when draining the water, the water is cleaner and the taste will be more brittle.

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