Recipe: Bitter gourd omelette

Home Cooking Recipe: Bitter gourd omelette


Bitter gourd raw food clear heat and diarrhea, antipyretic and troublesome; cooked blood nourishing liver, moistening the spleen and kidney, can remove evil heat, relieve fatigue, clear heart and eyesight, benefit Qi and impotence. Eating eggs in summer has the effect of nourishing the heart and soothing the nerves, so bitter gourd and eggs are a perfect combination of summer heart and spleen.



  1. Wash the bitter gourd to Guati, cut in half, go to the simmer, cut the strip first, then cut into small slices. When cutting, be careful, try to cut thinner, so that the taste is good. Too thick omelet is difficult to shape. Put the sliced ​​bitter gourd into a container, add a teaspoon of salt, and then rub the bitter gourd slices with your hand to force the bitter juice out. After 5 minutes, rinse off with water.

  2. Take a small pot, add the appropriate amount of water, add salt, cooking wine, boil, pour the bitter gourd slices, pour into the filter after discoloration, drain the water.

  3. Red bell peppers diced alternately. Four eggs are broken up, add salt, pepper, chicken, water starch, cooking wine and stir well, then add bitter melon slices and red pepper and continue to stir.

  4. Heat the pan, add a proper amount of oil, shake the pot, and put a layer of oil on the bottom of the pot. Pour in the seven-tenth of the bitter gourd egg liquid and slowly fry until the bottom is solidified and fry.

  5. Mix the fried eggs and the egg mixture in the pot. Put the oil in the pot and heat it, put it into a mixture of good egg liquid and spread it into a cake. Simmer on a small fire until golden on both sides. Surrounded.


Bitter gourd smells bitter, non-toxic, cold, into the heart, liver, spleen, lungs have a refreshing thirst, lowering blood pressure, blood lipids. Indications of heat stroke, heat and polydipsia, summer sputum, excessive scorpion, dysentery, sore swollen, conjunctivitis, red eyes and swelling, carbuncles and erythematosus, burns, oliguria and other diseases. In addition, bitter gourd has a high vitamin C content, which prevents scurvy, protects cell membranes, prevents atherosclerosis, improves body stress, protects the heart, etc. Bitter melon contains a component that can effectively inhibit a normal pack of cancer. And promote the recovery of special cells, have a certain anti-cancer effect, but also have the characteristics of lowering blood fat and blood pressure. Not only that, but bitter gourd also has the functions of preventing osteoporosis, regulating endocrine and anti-oxidation, and further improving the body's resistance and improving the reaction mechanism inside the body.

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