Recipe: Bitter gourd mushroom ribs

Home Cooking Recipe: Bitter gourd mushroom ribs


In the summer season, there is still some moisture in the hot air, sometimes it makes us feel bored. At this time, drinking a bowl of bitter gourd soup can give us heat and trouble, and heat the fire. The bitter taste of bitter gourd is swaying in the soup. Because of the addition of sweet corn, there is a hint of sweetness after a touch of bitterness, which is very suitable for the whole family. The soup with bitter melon is the middle school. I often buy bitter gourd, but I never thought of making soup. I tried it very well today. I like bitter gourd, do bitter melons never use salt to catch bitter water, just love that bitter taste. Although bitter gourd is bitter, it does not pass the bitterness to other foods, but it will absorb the taste of other foods to become more delicious. I also tried meatballs bitter gourd tomato soup before, and I like it too. Not long ago, I said that I am heat-resistant. I really can’t say it. It’s not so heat-resistant. The longan stewed egg does not dare to drink too much. I feel that it is better to eat more fruits and vegetables that can lower the fire, it is better than taking medicine.



  1. Wash the ribs and clean them, put them in a pot, remove the blood, remove the blood, remove and rinse.

  2. After the bitter gourd is washed, cut into large pieces, cut the corn into small pieces, and rinse the flowers.

  3. Put the soup pot into the hot ribs, cut the bitter gourd block, the corn section and the flower mushroom, then pour in enough water to pass the ingredients. After the fire is over, turn to a small fire and simmer for 1 hour. Add a little salt after the fire is turned off. Seasoning


2. Bitter melon is cold, people with spleen and stomach deficiency and diarrhea should not eat bitter gourd.

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