Recipe: Bitter gourd fried bacon

Home Cooking Recipe: Bitter gourd fried bacon


The last piece of bacon in the house, in the late summer, there is bitter melon and cardamom, do not have a taste.



  1. Wash the bacon with warm water and steam for 15 minutes.

  2. Ginger garlic mince, dried chili cut

  3. Bitter gourd cut open to dig the chop seeds, cut into thin slices

  4. Put a little oil on the hot pot and pour the ginger, minced garlic, pepper, pepper and cardamom

  5. Pour into bitter melon slices and stir fry

  6. Pour the steamed bacon slices, stir fry and serve the pan


Because the bacon and the cardamom have a certain amount of salt, I have not put salt this time, and I am practicing the gradual cooking of MSG, so I have not put MSG.

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