Recipe: Bitter egg tart

Home Cooking Recipe: Bitter egg tart


I also come to add to the hard work series~ Although this egg tart is hard, it is extremely simple, idiots will do it, but the taste is very good, most people will like it, the key is very fast, no more than 5 minutes from start to finish, a treasure is just selling It’s just like it’s nothing, it’s not hard to force anyone



  1. Eggs into the bowl and beaten with chopsticks

  2. Add bean paste and continue to fight

  3. Add warm water, don't stop, hit

  4. Playing almost, put the bowl in the microwave

  5. For a minute, you can bake bread or hot steamed buns, whatever you do

  6. Squeak, take it out, eat it


Do not add too much water, dear! ! This egg tart can be served with rice, Zomi porridge, sashimi, sashimi, sandwich waffle, maimaifen, sandwiched bayouli, sandwiched bread, sandwiched bread, garnished with rolls, mixed with noodles, in short, you think, it is omnipotent The taste is heavy, I’m so dry, I often do it. Finally, remind everyone to be careful when getting out of the microwave. Once again, the status of God in the life of studying in the county of Dou County is emphasized! !

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