Recipe: Bitter chrysanthemum mixed with fresh walnuts

Home Cooking Recipe: Bitter chrysanthemum mixed with fresh walnuts


In the past two years, before and after the fall of the capital, there were more hawkers selling green and fresh walnuts on the roadside. They sell different seasons and a little fresh food at different times, such as the cold weather. . . People from all over the world gathered in the city, gathering the tastes of the various places and becoming the hawkers. The green skin of the walnut will blacken the hands and can't be washed for a few days. When you buy it, the hawkers will use gloves to help you peel off the green skin and then call it. If there is no walnut in the house, you can let the hawkers help. The walnut shell is loose. I don't like to eat dry walnuts, but I feel tired after a bite of oily taste. (It's cold pressed walnut oil mixed with a salad of cold dishes.) Fresh walnuts are too fond of them. Sometimes they will peel off the brown clothes outside the walnut meat. It’s not too much trouble, remove the bitterness and keep it so crisp and fresh:) Of course, eating with that bitter film will make you more nutritious. I went to Jiangsu and Zhejiang last autumn, and it seems that there is no habit of eating fresh walnuts. The restaurant in Beijing is a salad with fresh walnuts that will be preserved all year round. Was rushed to write recipes, recently busy with the preparation of the restaurant, four feet rushing to the east, a little careless



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Take the meat, go without the brown skin with you

    Take the meat, go without the brown skin with you

  2. Bitter chrysanthemum is small, together with fresh walnut meat, add balsamic vinegar and mix well.

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