Recipe: Bitter chrysanthemum

Home Cooking Recipe: Bitter chrysanthemum


There are many kinds of dumplings, a variety of dishes, seafood, and mushrooms. I have never tried the taste of bitter chrysanthemum stuffing. Her husband suggested that you usually only take bitter chrysanthemum with cold dishes, or simmer hot pot, so hold Try the attitude.



  1. First, look at the face and make it softer.

  2. Heat the oil, put the pepper and the big material in the oil, and let it cool.

  3. The onion and ginger are chopped and mixed with the meat and stuffed into the meat.

  4. Take out the boiled pepper in the cool oil, don't take it, and salt the chicken, soy, soy, soy, pepper, oyster sauce, sugar, sesame oil, stir into the meat.

  5. The washed bitter chrysanthemum is chopped, mixed with salt and simmered in water, and the bitter chrysanthemum juice that is pulled out is left to be mixed with the meat, so that the filling will not be too dry, and then the bitter chrysanthemum is mixed. To the meat, then you can make dumplings.


Bitter chrysanthemum is a good thing to fire and appetite.

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