Recipe: Bitter chrysanthemum

Home Cooking Recipe: Bitter chrysanthemum


Simple and convenient salad. OwO



  1. Wash the bitter chrysanthemum.

  2. Boiled eggs.

  3. Fried bacon.

  4. Bacon, egg diced.

  5. Bitter chrysanthemum bottom, sprinkle with bacon, egg granules. Top with tartar sauce and herbs.


Bitter chrysanthemum slightly bitter, I think it is quite good to match the slightly sour sauce. I always like to use a chicken seasoning with sage and lemon herbs, also contains salt, twisting the bottle and grinding it on the salad. . Not much, because the bacon itself has a salty taste. Baidu has a bitter chrysanthemum, which is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, detoxifying and eyesight to prevent cancer. However, the stomach and spleen are weak and less likely to be eaten.

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