Recipe: Bitter bamboo shoots

Home Cooking Recipe: Bitter bamboo shoots


The bitter bamboo shoots are also known as sweet bamboo shoots and cool bamboo shoots. They are wild in the mountains of the mountains. Their bitter taste of glycocalyx stimulates the formation of macrophages. The cells have the effect of preventing cancer and detoxification. The bitter bamboo shoots are rich in cellulose and can promote Intestinal peristalsis, thereby shortening the residence time of cholesterol, fat and other substances in the body, so there are effects of weight loss and prevention of constipation, colon cancer and the like. Chinese medicine believes that bitter bamboo shoots are sweet, light, slightly bitter, cold, with heat and diuretic, blood circulation and qi qi function, can cure rheumatism, food, cough, sores and other symptoms. ↑More from Baidu I personally like to eat bitter bamboo shoots, super super love, especially with pickles and ribs, it is simply delicious, and now I have personally made a trip, share it with everyone.



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Cut the bitter bamboo shoots, the strips do not matter, use boiling water for a minute or two

    Cut the bitter bamboo shoots, the strips do not matter, use boiling water for a minute or two

  2. Cut the pickles, you can take a little water

  3. Wash the ribs and cut them into pieces. You can use salt to compare them beforehand. Put a little oil in the wok. The ribs are oily, but the bitter bamboo shoots are oil-absorbing, so it doesn't matter if you put more.

  4. Then pour the fried ribs into the stockpot, put the bitter bamboo shoots and pickles in, the ribs are placed at the bottom, the middle is the bitter bamboo shoots, the pickles are on the top, the water is poured, the hot cold doesn't matter, it is cold to cook for a long time. The water with the top pickles is almost the same. If you just fry the ribs, the oil is less. Now you can put some oil.

  5. Cover the lid and cook it~

  6. If you cook it almost, you can add seasoning. I like to keep the original taste, so I only add salt. You can see your preference.

  7. After boiling, you can put it up and have a good meal!


The bitter bamboo shoots tonight made me full and full, because the headlights of the kitchen were broken, and the remaining lights were too dark. The photos were not clear and there was no biography. In short, it was very simple. Just do it!

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