Recipe: Birthday face

Home Cooking Recipe: Birthday face



  1. Shrimp are not cut, cooked under salt water, and taken out for use. See saltwater shrimp

  2. Put hot oil in the pot, put in salt, stir-fry the spinach, stir fry until the dish is soft.

  3. Remove the roots of the bean sprouts, wash, slash and shred, and fry in the pan

  4. Duck bone soup boiled, put in a bowl, add chives

  5. Another pot, boil the noodles, put in the soup bowl, add shrimp, spinach, bean sprouts, louvers


1, the bottom soup does not necessarily use duck bone soup, but also ribs soup or chicken soup. 2, shrimp can not be cut. The face cannot be broken. 3, yellow bean sprouts represent good luck, venetian represents longevity, spinach represents good health, and shrimp must not be less. There are also some dishes that you like to symbolize auspicious, such as long beans.

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