Recipe: Birthday Cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Birthday Cake


January 1, 2013 The first day of the new year is also my birthday. This cake is for myself More detailed steps are shown here:



  1. Water raft insulation makes it softer

  2. Put the whole egg in the pot, add the sugar in a small amount and stir it a little. Put the pot into the hot water and stir it with water to make it reach 40 degrees and then take it out.

  3. The leeches are added to the 2 and stirred thoroughly to melt the leeches.

  4. The eggbeater whipped at high speed and hit the egg with the eggbeater. The word will not disappear immediately. It is very clear that it has been sent.

  5. Change the low speed and continue to send for 2 to 3 minutes. Do not draw the whole egg beater. Stir the fixed side for about 15 seconds and continue stirring for about 30 degrees counterclockwise. At this time, the pot is turned, the egg beater does not move, and the egg paste will become quite exquisite

  6. At the same time, the mixture of butter and milk is placed in the hot water to melt the water, and the temperature is maintained above 40 degrees.

  7. Use a toothpick to insert the 1.2 cm position inside the egg paste. If the toothpick does not fall or slowly fall down, the batter can be beaten.

  8. Scrape the pot once to bring the surrounding egg liquid together

  9. Add the flour in one go, and the side of the rubber knife touches the egg paste and mixes about 30~40 times. The flour is almost invisible.

  10. The melted milk butter liquid is sprinkled around the batter along the rubber knife and continues to stir for about 90 to 110 times. After the stirring, the batter becomes shiny.

  11. Pour into the mold and knock the mold from the height of about 10 cm to the table to make the surface bubbles disappear.

  12. Roast in the oven for 33 to 35 minutes

  13. After taking it out, drop the mold again from a height of about 15 cm to prevent the cake from shrinking.

  14. Put the cake upside down on the shelf for about 5-6 minutes, then cool it face up.

  15. Animal light cream 400ml plus appropriate amount of sugar to send flowers

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