Recipe: (●—●) Big White Roll ~~ White and White Drop Angel Cake Roll

Home Cooking Recipe: (●—●) Big White Roll ~~ White and White Drop Angel Cake Roll


Recently, the warm white man (●-●) has warmed our hearts. Fang Zi changed his mind from Jin Dawang, thanking the teachers who created a good recipe for us. Applicable to 30×40 baking trays, such as 28 square gold baking tray with reference to the following data.



  1. First stir the first sugar, milk and corn oil with a manual egg beater until the sugar melts.

  2. Add low powder to 1 and stir with a manual egg beater until completely mixed. (This time there is no need to wash the manual eggbeater behind it.)

  3. Add the second sugar to the protein three times and use an electric egg beater to send it to the wet foam. I like to send it a little bit.

  4. Mix the right amount of protein paste with the batter of 2, then use the manual egg beater to mix the most delicate, not afraid of a little defoaming (because the batter is thicker, it is not so easy to mix with a scraper, and the manual egg beater can Quick mixing) finally all mixed evenly

  5. Pour the mixed cake paste into the baking sheet of the oiled paper. I use a tarpaulin that can be reused, which can pull out the beautiful towel surface. Scratch the surface slightly with a spatula, shake the baking pan, and the cake paste will evenly spread evenly.

  6. Preheat the oven in advance and bake for 20 minutes at 175 degrees (there is a temper in your own oven)

  7. Out of the oven, tearing open the tarpaulin, and continue to cover the cold. Wait for a slight residual temperature, send a light cream with a third serving of sugar, and apply a layer of light cream. The refrigerator can be cut and eaten in 30 minutes.


The tarpaulin is a good partner for the cake roll. Before the good things recommended by Xiaoting, there was always a family, but I saw the recommendation before I knew it was used. Oh.

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