Recipe: Big stew

Home Cooking Recipe: Big stew


In addition to a bowl of thick soup, stew is the warmest taste in winter. Pork belly cut into thin slices, full of stir-fry and coke. Put the pepper and star anise dried chilli and stir-fry the oil. Add the soup and take the time to remove all the impurities from the soup. Because of blood, it is not healthy, because it affects cooking afterwards. Add the croquettes and cook until they swell. Add the radish slices that have been passed through the water and cook until transparent. Put in frozen tofu, and cabbage. Add rice cakes and fans. The most important thing is the fried coquettish pork belly and the fried cokeball. Only when these two ingredients are slowly cooked in the pot, the soup will have a unique taste. Other materials are just side dishes, all of which are floating clouds. The best thing to eat in the whole pot is the noodles and the soft pork without the firewood. A large bowl of hot stew, with two hoes in your hand for eating, not only taste, but also memory. Or directly to the bowl of white rice, pour a large spoon of stew, wide soup and more fleshy. It’s really scented when it’s sucking and sucking.



  1. Pork belly cut 0.3cm slices, radish cut 0.5cm slices, cabbage cut into sections, about three centimeters wide. Frozen tofu is cut to two centimeters thick.

  2. Boil the radish slices and sizzle.

  3. Choose a better non-stick pan, or cast iron pan. Put the pork belly slices and slowly stir-fry the coke.

  4. Put pepper, star anise, dried chili and stir-fry, fry until the pork belly is browned, slightly, and oily.

  5. Add the broth and remove all the impurities from the soup. Because of blood and water, it is not healthy and will affect the subsequent cooking.

  6. Add the croquettes and cook until the balls expand in volume.

  7. Add frozen tofu, wide flour, rice cake, and frozen tofu. Cook until all ingredients are soft.

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