Recipe: Big radish stuffed buns

Home Cooking Recipe: Big radish stuffed buns



  1. Pork is minced into meat, add the fried pepper oil, stir fry in the meat, add all the seasoning and stir

  2. Insert the big radish into a thin wire and add it to the meat and mix well.

  3. Add flour to the yeast powder, wake up with warm water and noodles, divide into small portions and knead into a leather bag, and wake up for about twenty minutes.

  4. Cool water steamer, steam after boiling for fifteen minutes to turn off the fire, open the lid after three minutes


It is said that eating radish in winter and eating ginger in the summer does not require doctors to prescribe medicine. At this time, a large number of large radishes are listed, and it is very delicious to buy buns, and it can also clean the intestines.

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