Recipe: Big love winter porridge bottom

Home Cooking Recipe: Big love winter porridge bottom


When it comes to porridge, everyone will feel that it is simple. As long as there is mobility, fools will have nothing to recommend. This is true, the water rice is free to cook, the thick point is called porridge, and the rice is called porridge. Lu You, a famous poet in the Southern Song Dynasty, also strongly recommended porridge to maintain his health. He believed that he could prolong his life. He once wrote a poem about "porridge": "The world has been studying for a long time, and I don’t understand the long years. At present, I have to take the Qiu Pingping method and only eat porridge. To the gods." This has raised the world's understanding of porridge to a new level. I love people who drink porridge. After many practices, I found that this kind of collocation is wonderful. I hope everyone likes it. The mystery is revealed: winter vegetables. No one should not know it, there are Jingdong cuisine, Jindong cuisine, Sichuan winter vegetables, Chaoshan winter vegetables and so on. Winter vegetables are semi-dry non-fermented pickles, rich in vitamins, appetizing and brain



  1. Wash the rice clean and mix well with a little oil

  2. Put the water in the pot and boil it. Put the rice in and cook until you like the thickness.

  3. Cut the winter vegetables a little and put them in the porridge for 2 minutes.

  4. Like other flavors: such as seafood, meat, etc., this time to add cooked, seasoned to eat.


I like the porridge with taste, but also a bit of chewing, so every time I put some glutinous rice, and at the same time I can dehumidify. Guangdong people like the bottom porridge, boat porridge, shrimp porridge, crab porridge, pig porridge, etc. can be used as porridge bottom, umami. Like coriander, the last chopped green onion is more fragrant

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