Recipe: Big leek

Home Cooking Recipe: Big leek


When I got up in the morning, I opened the curtains and looked outside. I was busy calling my husband and children. I watched it and it snowed. Outside the rain and snow, the scenery is beautiful, the air is humid, this is the gift of cold air to the mountain city, the winter began to perform, and the snow began. After a while of the snow stop, the wind began to sway and the people on the street rushed. In such a weather, if there is nothing to do, we stay in a heated house, have a cup of hot tea, watch TV, flip through books, listen to songs, what a pleasant thing! At the thought of such weather, lunch is best for eating this big leek. Then take a bowl of two rice, just like this big leek, that is called a fragrant.



  1. Wash all the dishes for use

  2. Pork belly slices, tofu cut into small pieces, cabbage cut into prismatic pieces, leaves slightly larger, kelp shredded, set aside

  3. Shredded green onion, ginger sliced

  4. Put the oil in the wok, after the oil is 50% hot, stir the meat to stir

  5. Put onion and ginger, then enlarge the material, a little pepper, a little salt, soy sauce, then put the cabbage, kelp, stir fry

  6. Stir fry for a while, add fresh soup, put tofu, cover the pot, cook

  7. For about 5 minutes, put MSG and sesame oil. Go out of the pot


When the dish is cooked, the soup should not be dried, and some soup should be brought in order to be delicious.

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