Recipe: Big holy lobster rice bowl

Home Cooking Recipe: Big holy lobster rice bowl


I saw it in the [Cooker Story LanguageCate] and saw that there is no lobster rice in the kitchen. I will try it out~ I can leave the menu too~ It looks delicious~ ̊‧(๑σ̴̶̷̥́ 3σ̴̶̷̀)· ̊+ I hope someone can do the recipe for the crab's feet. Yeah~



  1. The crayfish is washed clean with a brush. Put the water in the pot, boil a small amount of cooking wine and ginger slices, and put the washed crayfish in for two minutes. Then fish out and get cool.

  2. Go to the shrimp head, go to the tail, go to the shell, and go to the shrimp line. Try to peel off as much as possible, don't steal.

  3. Cut the minced garlic, ginger, millet pepper, cut the onion, pour the olive oil into the pan, and fry the first four slices. Then stir the chopped crayfish into a pan, pour a small amount of cooking wine, soy sauce, oyster sauce, add some water, a little white sugar, sprinkle with chopped green onion. Go out and cook, you can eat it~


( ੭ुò̴̶̷̤ωó̴̶̷̤)੭ु)) Crayfish don't burn for a long time or it will be old. I like to eat a little more water, taste it, just fine~

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