Recipe: Big goose stewed potatoes

Home Cooking Recipe: Big goose stewed potatoes


After pregnancy, my appetite is not good, but I want to eat goose meat, and the mother gives me the big goose! Really delicious! Goose is especially fragrant!



  1. Ginger slices, onion mince, and then cut 2 small onion segments, garlic chopped, red dried chili cut into sections, potatoes peeled into small pieces, goose stewed small pieces to wash!

  2. Put the oil in the hot pot, put the diced green onion, minced garlic, ginger and red pepper in the oil, stir fry the sauté, and stir the goose!

  3. Some of the fried goose meat is whitish, pour into the soy sauce and continue to fry, then put soy sauce, cooking wine, fragrant sauce, continue to fry for a while, stir fry without water to add half pot water! Add the right amount of salt, chicken, aniseed, onion! Cover the lid and let the fire boil, simmer slowly!

  4. The goose stew is almost cooked, and it is expected to take half an hour to add the potato pieces to the pot! Continue to cook over low heat! When the potatoes are cooked, you can change the fire to rely on the soup. If the soup is almost gone, turn off the fire! Sprinkle the parsley at the end of the pot!


Goose must be fried for a while

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