Recipe: Big fresh shell lemon decoction

Home Cooking Recipe: Big fresh shell lemon decoction


In the restaurant, you can often eat huge fresh shellfish, and after scorching it, it is garnished on the pasta. I really like this big fresh scallop, which is juicy and juicy, and it can satisfy the taste of big mouth. I have been thinking for a long time and finally went to buy a bag. Such a big one, four of them are already half a pound, and the amount of seafood for two people is just right. The fried aroma is more concentrated.



  1. After the flat-bottomed cast iron pan is hot, put a proper amount of oil and gently put the defrosted dried fresh scallops. Fried in the fire.

  2. Flip lightly and fry the other side. Wait until the shellfish is slightly tight, open a little fire, collect the juice and color, and wait until both sides are browned.

  3. The broccoli is cooked on the plate, the fried fresh scallops are placed, and the lemon juice is dripped.


If you change to yellow, the aroma is stronger.

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