Recipe: Big fish grilled simple easy to use version

Home Cooking Recipe: Big fish grilled simple easy to use version


Classic dishes from Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, especially those in Zhejiang coastal areas such as Zhoushan, are also very popular in Shanghai.



  1. A fresh fish, a little bigger, please ask the owner to clean up, go home and simply rinse it.

  2. Put the water in the pot, the amount of water should be able to pass the fish, boil the fish and pork belly, add the appropriate amount of cooking wine, pat the flat ginger and onion, and then boil the fish.

  3. Take another pot, add appropriate amount of water, soy sauce, add boiled fish, pork belly, previously used ginger pieces, add star anise, turn to medium heat for 30 minutes, add rock sugar to juice can.

  4. After the fish is cool, cut the plate.


1. The fish I use, about a pound and a half. 2. The fish can't be watery (I don't have water). After the second step, it is more convenient to add soy sauce and other spices. 3. The amount of various seasonings is adjusted according to your own preferences. I like the deep color of the old soy sauce, like the sweet multi-sugar, like the color of the sauce and the strong aroma. 4. Patience is cool and cut again, and the cut shape is more beautiful!

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