Recipe: Big chicken

Home Cooking Recipe: Big chicken


a dish that people all over the country know



  1. Wash the chicken meat into small pieces, add salt, soy sauce, Huadiao wine and ginger slices for half an hour.

  2. Add the white sugar to the white sugar and fry until the white sugar is brownish red. Then turn to low heat and fry until deep red foaming. Immediately turn into the chicken and turn to the fire and stir evenly.

  3. Put in dried chili and pepper for a minute, then add the bean paste to saute, add into the star anise, cinnamon, grass fruit (broken), fragrant leaves, green onion, garlic cloves (broken), transferred to the soy sauce and fried One minute

  4. Incorporate boiled water without chicken, add salt and chicken, boil and cover for 20 minutes.

  5. Open the lid and add the potatoes and cook for another 10 minutes. Open the lid and place the green pepper and shallots.

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