Recipe: Big chicken

Home Cooking Recipe: Big chicken


It is full of color and flavor and is very delicious.



  1. Prepare all the ingredients, according to the amount of chicken, the rest of the ingredients

  2. Cut chicken, green onions, green peppers, and millet slices. Ginger, garlic slices.

  3. The potato cuts the big chunks of the thumb. (The chicken should be dried and shrunk after the pot is placed, so the potato pieces are about the same size as the chicken pieces after shrinking)

  4. The chicken is boiled in blood and the drain is drained.

  5. Put the oil in the pot, the oil temperature is burned to a certain extent, not too high, put sugar, small fire and sugar.

  6. Add pepper to the oil pan, fry the pepper, then stir-fry the chicken in a pan. After coloring, add ginger and garlic to stir fry, then add the spicy musk of millet. Finally, add the right amount of bean paste and add the right amount of vinegar and salt.

  7. Stir fry for a while, pour in the beer, add aniseed, dry peppers, and potatoes. Beer has to drown chicken and potatoes.

  8. Cover with a small and medium-sized fire for about 10 minutes, do not stir fry during the process. Remember that the fire is not too big, or it is easy to paste the pot.

  9. Uncover the lid, see the water after it is almost finished, stir fry, be careful not to stir fry, here the potatoes are boiled, and the stir fry is easy to turn the potatoes.

  10. Add green peppers and green onions, stir fry, don't let the green onions and green peppers stir fry,

  11. Finally, put a proper amount of MSG or chicken essence after the fire is turned off. Start the pot, a delicious large dish of chicken presented in front of you.


The most important thing is to pay attention to the potato after the easy to paste, the process of stir-fry must pay attention to, whether it is face-to-face or taste is greatly reduced.

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