Recipe: Big Breakfast

Home Cooking Recipe: Big Breakfast


A traditional English breakfast is usually eaten at Brunch. Because of the huge amount of food, every time I go to eat breakfast, I am discouraged. Thinking about what lunch to eat at home? If you don't have Big Breakfast, it's easy to do it at home. Poached/Fried/Scrambled Egg is optional. I made Scrambled Egg myself, with milky eggs, fried to browned bacon and mushrooms, water-filled tomatoes, and a piece of bread. If you want to eat this dinner, let's talk about it.



  1. Bacon is fried until crispy, the fat is oily, and the bacon is taken out.

  2. Add two eggs to the milk, black pepper, and mix well.

  3. Pour the egg mixture into the pan that has been fried in the bacon. Stir the eggs from the pot and start to stir. Know that the eggs are all in pieces and taken out.

  4. Put a little oil in the pot into the mushroom, add a little salt and fry until the mushroom is browned.

  5. If the tomato is fried until the skin is slightly wrinkled.

  6. After the bread has been baked, put everything on the plate.


1. All the work is very technical, the only thing that is special is Scrambled Egg's practice. The eggs will be stirred from the beginning, so the color of the finished egg is good and tender. Of course, the milk is also Indispensable.

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