Recipe: Big bone stewed sauerkraut

Home Cooking Recipe: Big bone stewed sauerkraut



  1. Wash the big bones, remove the blood from the water, and remove

  2. Cut the sauerkraut with water for 20 minutes, remove the squeezed water

  3. Put a little oil in the pot and sauté the shallot ginger, put the wine, the sauce is fragrant, and put the hot water (the water has not passed the big bone one inch)

  4. Amplify the bones and the remaining seasonings, the salt will not be placed first

  5. Heat the pot and cook for 80 minutes.

  6. Put the sauerkraut on the fire, simmer for 15 minutes, put the salt, and cook for another 5 minutes.

  7. Cuihua on sauerkraut

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