Recipe: Big bone soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Big bone soup


Everyone knows that it is a good way for your baby to drink bone soup. However, it is unrealistic to stew bone soup every day, so it is important to try some methods to preserve the stewed soup. In this way, whether it is to cook the baby, stewed egg tarts, or cook some seasonal vegetables, so that the baby's complementary food is not only delicious but also calcium, it is also very easy! Today, I am here to share my preservation method with you. My family basically cooks a bone soup once a week, then packs the soup into small portions and stores it in a small portion. The preserved container can be selected: 1. Heinz vials used by the baby; (unfreezing in advance) 2, ice cubes of frozen ice (used with the use) 3, crisper (depregated in advance) This way, you can use your baby's noodles, steamed egg tarts and stews at any time. In addition, pay attention to before packing: 1, bone soup is best to put a cold meal in the cold room for one night, let the upper layer of oil condense, smash, in the lower semi-solidified soup into the freezer, Dongcheng one bone soup, such frozen bone soup No oil. 2. Add a small spoonful of vinegar to the bone soup, so that the phosphorus and calcium in the bone can be dissolved in the soup, and the vitamin in the soup can be preserved. It is not recommended to put any other seasoning when stewing. 3, bone soup is very nutritious, but the cooked meat is as nutritious, red meat like pork, is another blood-feeding material in addition to animal liver, it is a pity to discard. When the vials are dispensed, the meat on the bones is split and chopped in each vial. This is a soup with meat and is perfect!



  1. Rinse the big bones and keels with running water, add the cold water to the bones in the pot, boil over the fire until a lot of floating foam appears, remove and rinse with warm water; peeled slices of ginger

  2. Put the bones that have passed through the water into the casserole, add the water to the bones, boil the fire, then remove a little floating foam, add a little white vinegar, and continue to cook for 2 hours.

  3. Let the boiled big bone soup cool, remove the surface oil, and put it in a small bottle; split the lean meat on the bone, chop it in a small bottle, put it in the refrigerator, and take it with you.

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