Recipe: Big bone soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Big bone soup


A lot of packages have been asked before, how can I get the bone soup to thick white, I have some tricks, such as dropping soy oil when the soup is just rolling, such as when the soup is good, then the fire is rolling, there is a trick, Winning tricks, can make the soup thick, not that I hide it, this trick, I just learned, yesterday, the first time, the effect is remarkable!



  1. When buying, ask the seller to split the bones into two pieces.

  2. Take out the bones (cold water into the pot), take out the water, wash the floating foam with running water

  3. Take the casserole, fill it with water, put it into the bones, and after the fire is boiled, keep the fire to the floating foam and pour the cooking wine (if there is the old soybean oil, you can drop a few drops at this time), put the onion ginger, Change to small fire, cover, stew for 2 and a half hours

  4. Wash the rice (I will use my hand to grab a small hand, don't put Doha, or a porridge), mix a small amount of water, put it into the food processor, and make it into a rice paddle.

  5. After 2 and a half hours, pour the rice paddle into the pot and cook for another hour. Add salt and chicken flavor before the fire.

  6. If you want to put the radish, put it in the rice paddle for half an hour, then stew for half an hour.

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