Recipe: Big bone radish corn soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Big bone radish corn soup


A sweet and moist soup, the radish simmered out of the soup is a light sweet, with a big bone is very strong, autumn and winter drink is very nourishing, the practice is also very simple, it is best to have an electric casserole, it will save trouble



  1. Wash the big bones with hot water, fly into the pot, and pick up the spare.

  2. Wash the radish, cut the chunks

  3. Wash the corn, cut into sections

  4. Ginger block, shoot flat

  5. Prepare big bones, radishes, corn and ginger, add water to the pot, the amount of water is based on the amount of drink, then add a little more

  6. Add a small spoonful of white pepper to the pot (the small spoon in the seasoning box, also the size of a dollar coin)

  7. After the fire is boiled, turn to the minimum fire and slowly smash it to ensure that the pan is open.

  8. After 3 hours, add two tablespoons of salt (the small spoon in the seasoning box, the diameter of one dollar coin, add two spoonfuls), add salt and then simmer for half an hour, you can drink sweet and fragrant soup. !


1. I use the electric casserole, so the ingredients can be put in and opened for 3 or 4 hours. It is very easy. If there is no electric casserole, use a rice cooker or an open fire. If the rice cooker is used, The function, first use the steaming to boil the soup, then change to the soup file, if you use the open flame, it is the size of the fire switch on the line 2, the amount of salt is actually the right amount of mouth to taste increase or decrease, not to put salt is also very good to drink, look at personal preferences, but because there are big bones, so add a little salt, meat immediately came out

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