Recipe: Big boiled dried silk

Home Cooking Recipe: Big boiled dried silk


This is a simple way to boil dry, but the taste is quite good, you can try to do it.



  1. Dip the dried silk into the water to separate it, then remove the water. Then put it in a large bowl of pot, add a little salt, dip twice with boiling water, remove the smell of soybean meal; ham sausage cut into pieces for use

  2. Add a small piece of broth seasoning to the pot and add a broth seasoning. After boiling, the broth can be formed. After the soup is turned into milky white, the pork is scattered in the pot and burned for 1 minute.

  3. Then put the dried silk and ham slices together, add a little salt and cook for eight minutes.

  4. Finally add a few small green vegetables, it’s OK.


If there is no ready-made dried silk for sale in the market, then buy the white bean curd. After returning, the bean is first sliced ​​into thin slices and then changed into a thin wire. If there is no ready-made soup in the house, you can buy broth seasoning in the supermarket, there are many choices.

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