Recipe: Bibimbap

Home Cooking Recipe: Bibimbap


There is a Korean restaurant in the vicinity of the house. The environment is good, the health is bright and the taste is good. When I am too lazy to cook, I will go to the caviar bibimbap.



  1. Cook rice with rice cooker

  2. Crab sticks steamed through diced, yellow radish, cucumber, kimchi diced, lettuce washed and chopped, seaweed shredded, spare.

  3. After the stone pot is hot, apply a layer of sesame oil, add rice, add spicy sauce, order all the side dishes, add fish seeds, and then beat the eggs. carry out.


My mom doesn't eat spicy food, so I didn't use kimchi, and added ketchup and mustard mayonnaise to her. The taste is also good~ The type of hot sauce brand is personally like~ I use the cold noodles with spicy sauce, sweet and spicy, not spicy. Sparse ~ eggs I want to set the plate does not affect the side dishes, do not like raw food can be single-sided fried half cooked ~

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