Recipe: Beyond the gelatin film! The closest homemade jelly to buy! !

Home Cooking Recipe: Beyond the gelatin film! The closest homemade jelly to buy! !


Big, simple, huge, cheap, the recipe for the jelly that I bought.



  1. Cut the yellow peaches into diced, like to put more, do not like to put less, like big chunks, big chunks like small pieces, all ok! random! If you don't like yellow peaches, you can put other fruits on your own.

  2. Take 2.5g of stone cauliflower powder (Taobao has sold 3.5 yuan 25g, I bought 10 bags of mail, you can do a lot better, anyway, I love jelly), while slowly sprinkling 500ml of pure water while stirring, must If you want to slowly sprinkle it, you must sprinkle it while stirring. If the stone cauliflower powder meets the water, it will become a cockroach. The jelly made will not be successful. After thoroughly stirring, put the rock sugar and yellow peach diced in medium and small heat, stir while cooking, until the water is open, pour into the bowl and let cool. The amount of sugar and fruit depends on the taste of the individual. Super simple, great taste! Cheaper than the Geely Ding version! It is ten thousand times better than agar! Personally think that agar is not the raw material for making jelly! The taste of the slag is not good! Was fooled by many previous methods, and eventually unintentionally a Taobao repaired into a fruit,,,,,,,,,

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