Recipe: Best eat - no egg version of cranberry biscuits

Home Cooking Recipe: Best eat - no egg version of cranberry biscuits


Cranberry biscuits come and go and do a lot of recipes just into the oven all day long. It is because there are often no eggs in the house, so you can have an egg-free version of it - Fangzi is a small oven for households.



  1. Soften the butter (buy the hair dryer when you can't wait for the room temperature; or sip the powdered sugar in the microwave, mix the egg with a little bit (to prevent splashing and feathering)

  2. Add the milk twice to the butter and mix it evenly.

  3. Sift the salt and flour, add the cranberry and add it. Take the scraper and stir it. Put it into a stick on the plastic wrap and freeze it for 15 minutes.

  4. Take out and cut into the thickness of the oven to preheat 190 degrees. Bake (time varies according to thickness. I baked it 180 degrees before and after 10 minutes (to the edge is slightly golden cold to eat; when it is hot, it is soft)

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