Recipe: Beringer Bread Toast

Home Cooking Recipe: Beringer Bread Toast


With the bread machine to make bread changed so easy! After going home from work, put the material on the program, you don't have to take care of it, just remember to take it out immediately, and the bread will be ruined for a long time. Bai Cui, who has been using the bread machine, the first one is the basic model of Bai Cui bought in 13 years. Now this is the 13-year-old double-purchased Bai Cui PE8990SUG! This mixing function is enhanced, and the automatic addition of fruit, double heating tube, bread began to do the "wind and water". Breakfast is it every day, my parents eat the special suede ^ _ ^ actually want to enter Taiwan Panasonic, I want to compare the difference between the two. When the cousin goes to Japan next year, let her come to the bar. Having said that, Bai Cui's bread is also good! The recipe for the little quail is pretty good! In fact, there is only one hair in the photo, and it is lazy. It is slightly tighter than the bread that has passed through the second hair, but I also like it very much. It takes less time. Many people say that 1000g is too much. I want 500g. I’m sorry, it’s been a long time since I wrote it. The second row of the material is 500g.)



  1. Put all the materials except butter in the bread barrel, pay attention to the order of liquid classification, salt and sugar, and then dig a hole in the upper end of the flour into the yeast, then bury it. I used to use chopsticks to first stir the material into a floc in the bread bucket.

  2. Put the bucket into the bread machine, do not need to cover the lid, choose the program 8 and the surface for 15 minutes.

  3. After 15 minutes, add butter, cover, select program 4 and wind/British mode, then select 1000g, light burn color, press start button, time is 2 hours and 30 minutes, what do you want to do during this time, Nothing.

  4. When the bread machine drops, the bread can be baked out. At this time, the milk in the house is full of fragrance, the monk! Immediately put on insulated gloves and pour out the bread. After cooling, you can slice and eat!


The amount of sugar in this cube does not need to be reduced, it is 30g less than the original side, the sweetness is already quite low, it is very good to wipe a jam, and the mouthful is also awesome! The original 50g of butter, I also lost 15g. Very suitable for my family's light taste.

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