Recipe: Benxi classic durum tofu skin

Home Cooking Recipe: Benxi classic durum tofu skin


Liaoning Benxi sold this thing at the entrance of the primary school in the 1990s. In 2012, it was quietly popular in Benxi. The most representative is the grandmother's tofu of Guangyu Primary School. Later, the railway station and commercial street appeared one after another. Is it the taste of the school gate that has not been studied? But what I eat is the mood and memories.



  1. Tofu skin is dry. Wash it properly. Never foam. Cut into silk or a strip of 2 cm wide like me. Put it in a large bowl or box

  2. The practice of halogen: add water to the pot to boil. How much depends on personal preference. I like to eat a little more. After the water is opened, add appropriate amount of salt and monosodium glutamate. The last addition is not too much. Do not cook for too long. Quickly use starch to thicken. At this point, it should be slightly thicker. After the pot is opened. Or directly into the cut tofu skin.

  3. Add sugar according to your taste. Vinegar. sesame oil. Chili oil. Coriander. Scallion. Stir well and you can eat.


It is the key. But can't join too early. In order to avoid boiling time, the halogen will become bitter.

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