Recipe: Benghese chicken breast

Home Cooking Recipe: Benghese chicken breast


Simple and delicious Although it is chicken breast, it is not firewood! The recipe comes from the best coffee meal (with changes). The serving size is 1~2 servings.



  1. The chicken breast slices are thin (I have a large piece of the blade from the right side of the blade), and the hammer is hammered into a large piece. Apply some salt and black pepper powder and let stand for a while.

  2. Add cold water to the pot and put in an egg. Cook for 13 minutes or so until the whole cooked turn off and remove the cold water and peel off. (You can continue to do something else while cooking)

  3. Put the oil in the pan and burn it to 170°.

  4. Eggs are scattered, the chicken breasts after standing are evenly wrapped in flour, fully saturated in the egg liquid, and then the oil pan is slowly sautéed to golden brown and placed on the blotting paper for use.

  5. When the chicken breast is fried, the chicken heart can be cut into silk and placed on the plate. If it is washed with lettuce, drain the water. Put on the holy fruit again.

  6. Pour the sauce into the pot and bring to a boil. Turn the fried chicken breast into the sauce and let the sauce cover the surface of the chicken breast.

  7. The boiled eggs and onions are chopped, and the onions are soaked in water to reduce the spicy taste. Then put the two in a bowl and add the mayonnaise and a little black pepper powder.

  8. The soaked chicken breast is cut into pieces, placed in a dish and topped with a little sauce. The egg salad is placed on the side of the chicken breast.


Chicken heart is a kind of cabbage, tastes crisp and sweet personally feels suitable for raw food. The flat cabbage does not feel very suitable. When you eat, you can also add a little sauce or soy sauce. You can also eat a bite of fried chicken breasts.

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