Recipe: Ben bonfire small yellow croaker

Home Cooking Recipe: Ben bonfire small yellow croaker


The fish on my table is not too common. It is due to the fact that I am in the island country, but the purchase of fresh fish is very difficult, so I will do it. Of course, although the resources of the fish are limited, the grape has been searching for it. Finally, one day, I found it in a Chinese supermarket. I dreamed of it, thinking about it, making me think of the intestines---small yellow croaker! ! ! Therefore, there is today's food - braised little yellow croaker! ! This little yellow croaker is the first time that grapes have bought yellow croaker and burned yellow croaker in the UK. Why do you want to choose braised bra? Many bobbins will say: The yellow fish should be steamed the most delicious ~ ~ wood is wrong, but because the grape does not understand the quality of this small yellow croaker in the end, so I chose the foolproof braised method, it can be regarded as a taste, if it is delicious Hey, let's get the steam out of the rest of the fish. Because, after all, steaming has a very high requirement for the freshness of the fish. In case the frozen small yellow croaker is a hairy taste, the steaming effect will be much worse~~ choose braised, it is a conservative burning method, if it is The fish is really not fresh enough, so the ingredients used in the braised rice will cover up the taste, not too sloppy or too bad. However, the practice tells you that this fish is absolutely delicious and fresh and beautiful!



  1. Small yellow croaker cleans up the internal organs, rinses, wipes the fish belly, and waits

  2. From the oil pan, pour the appropriate amount of corn oil, after the pot is cooked, after burning to 70% heat, the fish belly is placed inward (to prevent the oil from exploding), the medium fire, the fish on both sides until the surface of the fish skin is golden

  3. After the fish are fried on both sides, spray the flower carvings (the amount needs to be large, be willing), put the ginger slices, shoot the garlic, cover the lid, and simmer for 3 minutes.

  4. Open the pot, the soup has just been dried, pour the right amount of soy sauce, small and medium heat for 2 minutes

  5. Turn over and continue the small fire for 2 minutes; (Please keep the shape of the fish when you turn over)

  6. After a minute, turn over again, and also pour the fish with the soup; add some salt and sugar to taste; and start collecting the soup with medium heat, about 3 minutes.

  7. The soup has been collected almost, turn off the fire, cover the lid, and after 3 minutes, you can serve the pan! Yes, after the plate, sprinkle with chopped green onion, add color, and also add flavor

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